Posted by: jeanne | September 22, 2014

considering the schedule

we have booked our apartment.  it’s way down at the tail of the fish that is venice, down castello way, beyond the biennial gardens all the way to the farthest island, sant’elena, which was filled in and built up starting in 1920, which makes this modern venice, and means that our house is older than where we’ll be staying.  we think this is weird.

anyway, that was the first step, setting the place, and therefore the dates.  now i need to get tickets.

the original plan, after i’d thought about it for a minute, was to fly to rome, which we can do nonstop, then take a train to venice, which is a four hour whiz thru the countryside on a bullet train, then a water bus to our stop.  speaking from a luggage and baby stroller perspective, this means schlepping thru 2 airports and getting on and off two trains and on and off one boat, and then a maybe hundred yard drag thru a park to our doorstep, after which the suitcases get put away for three months, after which repeat in reverse.  and it turns out that a good part of the trip depends on how much trouble this is going to be.  a lot, it seems.  trains have steep steps and there isn’t a lot of luggage room on them, beside which the baby is going to want to go ballistic inside the train, and these are open plan trains, not compartmented ones where we can keep him confined.  so he’s going to be a holy terror after a long plane ride.

the other plan is to fly into venice direct.  it means changing planes, however, altho most of our luggage will be checked while we change and we’ll only have to deal with the baby.  i can carry him on my shoulders if i have to… i’ve already decided that we can only have one backpack as a carryon.  someone is going to have to be unencumbered to be able to take the baby when he balks (he will have just turned three).  once we land at venice, there’s a water boat directly to the island.  or never mind that because the boat doesn’t stop at our stop.  so we’ll take a bus and a vaporetto and that jaunt across the park.

so it’s cheaper ($1191 vs 1224), and 11 hours vs 9.5.  and no train, which turns out to be about a hundred bucks apiece anyway.

while i was thinking about rome, i was also thinking there was no way i wanted to miss seeing jim in the sixtine chapel and the vatican museums, and that meant two or three days in rome, and after doing several days of searching on and airbnb for suitable places near to vatican city and a metro stop, i was finding no place that offered a bathtub instead of a shower, and i was finding no place cheap at all.  we were going to end up spending easily $400 – $700 for three days.

tonight jim and i talked about it, and well he listened mostly while i heard myself speak and learned that going to venice by air is best all around, despite the change of planes (in paris), because trains and a restive baby.

so now instead of having three days to kill in rome, we are planning to get away for an overnight stay by train during our residency in venice, and day trips to florence, and we will go straight to the house by the quickest shortest way possible, meaning our stay is now 84 days, instead of 89.  five whole days less than the allowable limit.  what a waste.


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