Posted by: jeanne | November 7, 2014

V minus 2 months and a bit


it’s just a week to go before there’s only 2 months to go before we go to venice. we bought our tickets this week.  we can fly from atlanta to venice with only one stop, on delta.  we can stop in any number of places – jfk, paris, rome, amsterdam.  we chose to fly to rome for our layover because jim has never been to rome, and i wanted to make sure he at least saw it.  however, rome fco airport is far from rome itself, and i’m not sure we’ll be able to see it from the plane. before buying the tickets i sat on kayak for several months, looking at prices.  they settled out at 1200 a ticket, plus or minus a few bucks.  and the bad thing is that even tho one of our passengers is only 3 years old, they charged him the full fare.  grrr.  he’s not supposed to take a full suitcase, but since it’s full fare i’m going to reconsider whether i want to be caught dead dragging 4 fullsized bags and 4 carryons and personal items onto and off of boats.

before buying the tickets i viewed a bunch of final approach videos to figure out where to sit on the airplane.  we chose the right side of the plane for most of our flights.  the right side of the plane is where you sit when you’re approaching venice, because that way you see the city.  sitting on the left lets you see the coast of northern italy and the alps off in the distance.  i want to see the city.  it’s actually pretty helpful to look at a bunch of videos before actually going there, because you get more of a sense of the fact that the city is in the water, not just on it.  it’s a floating city, and water is most of it, not just part of it.  i still can’t wrap my head around it.  it’s like something out of a fantasy novel.

so the trip is more real than ever now.  i bought the trip insurance a week ago, about the cost of another ticket.  it’s so expensive because we’re so old.  but if anything should go sideways on us then we’d have recourse, and that’s worth wasting money on. i’m rather proud of having shucked off some of my responsibilities in favor of this trip.  i had rejoined my old choir for the director’s last season, and signed up for nanowrimo (my 7th year), but realized right away that they were too much.  and walked away.  a younger me would have shouldered it all and looked for more.  but i don’t have to do any of it.  so i’m not going to,  just like we’re getting childcare while we’re there because i’ll be damned if i’m watching the baby when i should be working.

i’ve been acquiring various things we need (to make us go).  jim’s got a pair of rain boots now, and a quilted winter jacket we think might be waterproof.  all these things need testing of course.  we went to goodwill and bought half a dozen pairs of jeans, me and jim in the changing room trying on jeans one after another, just to make sure.  we’re the same size, after all.  the last time it was just him that went to the store, and he never tried on a single pair.  wasted three pairs out of four.  this time i went as well.  because i detest jeans, and can only even think about wearing the low riding ones, but don’t dare try to get into hiphuggers anymore.  so it’s an actual big deal finding a pair that fits.  jeans are so uncomfortable.  they pinch at the waist and crotch, the thighs rub together, they’re stiff.  i much prefer leggings and skirts.  but i’m  not sure about the weather in venice, especially in the winter.  cold and damp doesn’t begin to convey it, i’m sure.  it’s a particularly venetian bitterness that words can’t convey.  dublin’s bad, but it’s got to be worse right on the water.  i’ll bet it gets so bad that the clothes freeze right onto your body.

one of the things we’re acquiring is that gopro.  i’ve been toying with the idea for several years now.  jim wants to take pictures at carnival.  i want to do timelapses and city walks.  so we’re going to get it now and learn to work it before we go.  another huge expense.  i’ve had to make so many, and not die.

we’ve invited a bunch of people to come visit us in venice, and i think they’re not taking us seriously, because they all sound like they’re going to go right out and renew their passports and buy their tickets when we suggest the idea to them, but then when we contact them for their dates, they’ve forgotten all about it, or thought we were kidding.  we should just not have invited anybody, because we wouldn’t be disappointed.  we were fantacizing all our friends showing up to spend time with us.  oh well, we’ll live.

i’m still making carnival costumes for jim and the baby.  i’m making lined capes, using really nice black paisley printed cotton from pakistan and lining it with red polyester satin from a food service tablecloth i found online.  i’ve got an old fur coat in pieces in my fabric stash pile, so i’m making detachable fur collars for both of them.  they’ll look so cute. i still have a bunch of things to finish from my recent residency in iceland.  i’m revising my trollagerdi project, using the information and impressions i got while i was there this past july.  i’ve still got thank you presents to finish for people i met there, and i still have to finish a batch of scarves for the gift shop in olafsfjordur.

anyway, that’s what’s happening two months before we leave.  i’ll update again when there’s less time.


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