Posted by: jeanne | November 17, 2014

if you’re joining us in venice

first thing.  if you’re not a great walker, turn back now.

we have invited a bunch of people to visit us while we’re in venice.  some of them might even show up.  we have a lovely little apartment all rented, way off in farthest castello, and it can sleep 6, 7 in a pinch.  in residence there from january 15 to april 13 will be myself, jim, and connor.  allison will be there for the first month, until feb 16, and our friend marie is almost certainly coming for the main week of carnival, feb 10-18.  we’ve asked a bunch of other people to come, and as soon as someone confirms i’ll send out a threatening email to all the other invitees, hoping they’ll nail their dates down before it’s too late.

here’s the floor plan.  if you haven’t been invited, i’m not telling you where we’re staying, but if you have then you have the link to the property and can study it for yourself.


so depending on which of the two front-facing bedrooms we pick, you’ll have the other bedroom, which has the same kind of bed, called a queen.  is a queen in america the same size as a queen in italy?  there’s a cot for connor, and a sofabed for allison, or guests when la casa nostra is overflowing.

by the way, the part of castello we’re staying in was built recently, and is therefore higher than much of the rest of venice, and so doesn’t suffer from acqua alta, or so i am assured by the landlord.  we will probably see some acqua alta days, so please think strongly about bringing waterproof boots with you.  altho, if you don’t, you can buy them cheaply enough here, so it says in someone’s helpful blog.

there are several ways to get to our (!) house when you arrive.
If you arrive by car: about 1 km before arriving at Venice-Piazzale Roma, at the end of the bridge that connects Venice to the mainland Mestre, on the right you will see signs for parking Tronchetto (21,00 € per 24 hours). From there you can easily take the shuttle “People-Mover” and get off in Piazzale Roma. Here take the vaporetto (public watertaxi) line #4.1 or #6  and get off at “S. Elena”
If you arrive by plane: from the Marco Polo Airport take the public waterbus Alilaguna line blue ( and get off at “Lido SME”. Here take the vaporetto (public watertaxi) line #1  and get off at “S. Elena”
If you arrive by train: out of the train station, take the public waterbus Line  #4.1 or #6  (platform on the right side) and get off at “S. Elena”.

we’ll give you more detailed information and our local phone number before you get here.  duh.

here’s how to get tickets for the vaporetto.  here’s how to get to the alilaguna boats.

it’s maritime, so it’s cold, dreary, and damp; bitter at times, with a nasty wind that comes in thru anything you like to wear.  this is both my own experience with maritime environments, and at least one blog post and tourist info site.  think atlanta winter, and add water and wind proofing elements.  bring wellies.  the temperature ranges about 10F in the winter, and about 15F in the summer.  that’s a far cry from atlanta’s weather, which is more like 20F every day, whether the low is 35F or 75F.  and tho we carry a high humitidy, we’re at a thousand feet above sea level, and the air feels different, just like it smells different.  bring warm scarves, hats and gloves.  i’ll be giving you a silk scarf and encouraging you to wrap it around your neck and tuck the ends underneath your tshirt.  it depends, tho.  because some of you will be joining us in january, and some in april.

for some visitors, it will be carnival, and you should seriously consider bringing or renting a costume.  at least buy a mask, and not one of those made in china ones: a real one made in venice; something you won’t want to throw away when you leave.  i’ve been working on our costumes for some time.  connor and jim will be dressing somewhat alike.  allison is refusing to consider a costume at this point.  i’m gong as kali.


what else do you need to know?  if our place doesn’t suit you, there’s a best western around the corner, and actually several other nearby condos and b&bs to rent by the night.  they might be more comfortable for you.  (btw when it says 3 beds, it means sleeps 3)

here’s a final approach video so you can see that the right side of the plane is the one you want unless you are more interested in mountains.

one of the first things we (not necessarily you) will be doing when we get there is to go to the mainland and do a big shop.  there’s a free shuttle bus, and a megamart, and i’ll probably buy a grocery cart while i’m there, so that i can get to the market and back in venice.  by the time you get there we’ll know where the grocery stores are, and the corner shops, and the newsagent, and not very many of the good places to eat at all – we’ll be relying on you to find them for us on your rambles.

here’s some information on museums and visits that require actual money.  i understand from my studies that they prefer cash in venice, so you’ll want to find an atm or bank nearby.  i’ll know where they are by the time you get here, but it’s never a good idea to change money at a boot or atm at  the airport or train station, both because of the rates and because of pickpockets.

there’s loads more, so perhaps i’ll edit the post rsn.  for now, i need to refer some invitees to it, so i’m going to post it.


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