Posted by: jeanne | December 10, 2014

almost a month left before we leave

okay, so it’s 5 weeks – less – until we’re leaving on a jet plane for venice.  here’s where we stand.

i haven’t even collected all the luggage we’re taking with us, never mind beginning to pack.  i have the list i’ve been keeping all along, as well as the contents of recent residency luggage, but those were only for one month, and i didn’t pack the husband and kid.  what i have to figure out is how to wrangle 3 full size checked bags and wheeled carryons, with a baby and aging husband thru three airports and two water buses.

i’m pretty sure i’ve bought all the things we need to make us go – lots of winter clothes and rain wear, lots of art supplies.

but i still need an italian sim card.

and i still need to figure out how to make the gopro work.

there are still costumes that need finishing, tho i’m on the last step now.  i haven’t begun figuring out my costume yet.

btw, jim just took one of the carryon spinners out to the alley to spraypaint, so it will be distinctive in the airport.  he’s got to do the same thing to any luggage that is actually ours (we’re borrowing much of it – luggage is expensive even if i did find some bargains recently.

we’re well into our winter wardrobe at this point, and as it gets colder i find that i’m still not completely prepared.  my legs are cold, especially my thighs, even when i wear leggings and pants, and i still don’t have a proper pair of gloves.  i keep watch on the weather in venice, compare it to here, look at the humidity, which ranges from 95-100%, it seems, in venice, while the temperatures generally stay warmer than ours.  they have less of a range of temperatures thru the day.  they have less of a range of humidity.  they have more clouds and more rain.

i’m still making lists of things i need to gather.  if it were up to me, i’d be packed at least once by now.

when i was getting ready to go to my residency in iceland, only a few months ago, i packed a bunch of times, trying to get everything organized, hitting the 50 lb weight limit each time.  already facebook friends with at least one co-resident, i was astonished to see her planning to throw some things into a suitcase come friday night, to start the residency the next day.  turns out that’s the difference between her style and mine.  and my family who is accompanying me also think i’m a little strange, because every time we have a conversation about anything else, i always interrupt with something to do with packing, or how whatever we’re talking about will look in venice.

for me, it’s part of the joy of travel – the planning.  the anticipation.

it’s time to start reviewing all the research i’ve done over the 5 months since i’ve been preparing for this trip.  the layout of each airport, how to get wifi there, how to buy a ticket for the water bus.

i’ll be transferring all my information into my next year’s day book, completely backing up my computer and all my files from all my machines into my new terabyte storage.

i have to arrange for supplemental dog care, in case the current arrangements fall thru.  i have to make a list of household chores that our houseguest allen will be responsible for.  and we have to get 3 months of dog and cat food, as well as cat litter.

there’s always more.  i’m still trying to finish two paintings for xmas, and there’s another one i need to do before mid january when we leave.  there are still scarves to be produced for the shop i’m in in iceland.

i’ve managed to establish an etsy shop for my work and jim’s, and have put up most of his new, experimental, venice pastels, as well as a batch of old scarves that i will never make the likes of again.  just in case anybody wants to buy some of what we’ll be producing in venice, about venice.  or just look at it.  this has also involved getting an instagram account, as well as a pinterest account, neither of which i really understand, and i’m not sure i’ll be able to remember the passwords…

we’re trying to take care of certain things before we leave.  we’re in the middle of switching insurance on the house, and so we’re also painting the house where the paint has come off, and replacing the siding and more solid structures where need be.  the whole family is pitching in to accomplish this.  we’ll be cleaning the dryer ducts, as well, to avoid the chance of fire.  allison just hired our local crackhead, and she and he did a whole lot of heavy duty yardwork that i would never have gotten to.  the boys will fix the porch roof while we’re gone.  our pseudoson the mechanic will baby our truck also while we’re gone.  and the sun will shine and the daffodils will be up and finished before we get back.  i hope the azaleas will be out still, but i’m pretty sure the dogwoods will be in leaf and the wisteria faded.  it’ll be great.



  1. I love planning as well 🙂


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