Posted by: jeanne | January 22, 2015

not easy to post here

for some reason my computer freezes up during certain operations, and it is now difficult to finish a post without losing everything.  so i’m not going to detail again how i put my daughter on a plane three weeks early, or discuss the best way to get to the airport from venice.  there are other posts out there that give all the information by more competent writers.

what i will talk about was our short walk this morning with connor, which took three hours and left us all exhausted.

we decided to walk up a couple of islands to san pietro, where the pope’s envoy used to be put (quite an insult at the time, because san marco is the huge basilica, and the pope’s man was relegated to the most isolated island.  however, it’s still wonderful, and well worth the walk.


after only a week here we’re familiar enough with our surroundings to depart from our accustomed path.  we usually take the seaside walk up to via garibaldi, the nearest shopping street, and we do it every day for groceries.  already they’re familiar with us, too, because both jim and connor are very distinctive looking.  connor’s learning to say chiao (tho with a southern accent that i find most disturbing), and the cheese shop guy already has coaxed a big hug and kiss from him, and then showed us all the hundreds of childrens’ drawings that line his shop walls.  seems he’s the big grandpa on the block, and he has great cheese, too.

so we took the stroller with us and left the house right after breakfast, walking north over one bridge after another, consulting the maps with me app on my phone, stopping to take pictures.


the church of san pietro has a great cloister attached to it, and the door was open, so we went inside and shot loads of photos.  connor, testing the acoustics, started yelling and screaming, and i had to shush him several times.  the church itself is absolutely amazing inside, but we couldn’t stay.  i assume our venezia unica card is good for getting us in at a free or reduced admission, but we didn’t want to take the time to see it properly, because we knew the baby wouldn’t stay quiet, so we ushered him out and crossed the bridge to the next island, to work our way home past via garibaldi, where we bought some fresh fish, type unknown, and a half loaf of really good bread.  i can’t find any yeast in the shops, and it’s perhaps because people don’t make their own bread.  i don’t know.


it rained while we were out, just a sprinkle, but enough to hide the dogshit so that we all three stepped in some and i had to clean the boots when we got back.  we did notice several dog owners picking up after their dogs, but in the main it seems people don’t do that, and there is poop and loads of cigarette butts everywhere.  just have to watch where you walk, that’s all.  and we were too busy looking at the cool sights to actually do that.  our fault.


and just by the way, most of the pictures we shot look just like the one above.  it’s not the tourist sights that get us here in venice, it’s the architecture, the layers of renovation done over centuries.

oh, and here’s what it looked like when the rain shower passed.  magical, eh?  venice is all about water to us, three forms of water (rain, cloud, sea).  i’m looking forward to getting down to work.  jim’s already finished one painting, but i haven’t even started because of all the stuff that’s happened, my jetlag and my continuing cold.



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