Posted by: jeanne | March 2, 2015

our uneventful day

we did nothing today.  we went nowhere.  it was foggy and misty and chilly and so we stayed home.


for most of the day.

i finished a painting, yay, and jim started on a big one for a change, yay.  and connor played outside with his rainboots and spiderman raincoat.  and cleaned out the ashes in the grill, and got absolutely filthy doing so, and also got the marble tiles filthy as well…and then refused to take a nap, which is happening more and more frequently.

so after 4 this afternoon, when the shops all open up after their long lunch break, we got dressed and took the stroller down to via garibaldi and the shops.

IMG_6313 connor strikes a pose

we went the usual way, past a cat house next to the bridge (they love their cats here, just like they love their dogs and kids),


past where connor always stops at this particular statue and declares that the guy can’t get out, that he’s stuck, and that it’s because he’s dead.


and then we went up viale garibaldi, past the scene that both jim and i have painted,


and up past the lion garibaldi stands above, which i’m pretty sure i’ve posted a picture of before (all my pre-march photos are now offloaded to storage, so i’m not going fishing).

first we got clothespins, because it’s getting warm enough that the heat doesn’t come on unless we set the thermostat to ridiculous heat.  so we’re going to have to dry things out on the makeshift line i’ve rigged between the window grill and a tree out back.

then we got things we need at the grocery, like more granola for jim, more cream, more porkchops for when kay gets here and we finally do a grill.  then we went across to the greengrocer, who hangs out a few doors down, outside, under umbrellas.  we got lettuce and tiny oranges (i’m forgetting most of my english names here), and then came back for bananas.  connor was playing with some local kids who had some chalk and were creating on the street while their parents had something at the local cafe, right next to the greens guy.

all the time, i’m trying to speak italian to these folks, and connor is totally ruining the effect by running around and yelling in his childish english and making me answer him.  i’ll never fit in (sigh).

and then we headed to the cheese shop, and the cheese guy who absolutely adores children, and dotes on connor.  he brought him behind the counter and sliced some cheese for him, then picked him up and weighed him, offering to sell him back to me.  connor had just gotten a kinder egg (now newly repackaged for easter), and gave it to the guy, who palmed it and pretended to eat it while putting it in the pocket of his white coat.  connor followed the egg everywhere it went, and didn’t fall for the magical passes or anything.  he’s really astute that way.

IMG_6324 for some reason they’re selling communion wafers in the cheese shop

we got more smoked cheese there, also some tiny olives and marinated artichokes, and i tried to pronounce all the names (carciofini) and he corrected me, and i repeated the names over and over like a good student.

and then we walked home.  the stroller was chock full of food, so connor couldn’t get in and make us push him.


he whined about it for a minute, until he spotted one of the kids he’d been drawing with.  the kid was on his scooter, ranging out ahead of his mom, and connor hung with the kid until they reached the top of the bridge, where i had to yell to keep him from disappearing over the top.


then the kid and his mom split off and went down behind the viale, and we continued along the waterfront.


we noticed the trees had finally budded out, and were now leafing.  it’s spring here, no matter how bad it is at home.


we passed our favorite statue, a memorial to the partisans of world war 2, and connor stopped as usual to look at it, coming rather close to the edge of the water.  but it was low tide, so he was actually pretty safe.


he knows about the danger of falling in, and never ceases to remind me that he knows – if he falls in, he will drown, and we might not be able to get him out.  i actually wake up in the middle of the night trying to figure out how i would save him if he fell in off a vaporetto.  that’s why i always make him go sit inside with jim while i stand on the deck.


we got to the bridge to sant’ elena, where i helped jim lift the stroller up and over the bridge.  connor was so excited about his egg that he didn’t mind not playing with the kids on the playground, and so we ended up at home, where i planted the potted rosemary and oregano i got at the grocery, and tried to call my sister in portugal, who was just putting an early dinner on.

then connor had a bath, and now he’s playing with jim on the couch while i finish this.  i’m going to heat up the spaghetti leftovers i made several days ago, and then get up and leave the house tomorrow at around 8:30 to go to the airport and fetch kay, who stays for a week.

and that’s what we do when we don’t go out and tour around venice.  it’s a hell of a lot nicer than going to kroger, let me assure you.


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