Posted by: jeanne | March 13, 2015

we get connor some books

after having an unruly night with connor, who had his nap and then refused to go to bed, we decided that maybe a bedtime story might be the thing to get him calmed down for sleep at night.  we have books here, and even some kids books, but they’re all in italian, which should properly be the subject of another post – translations of book titles (tom wolf, un uomo vero; stephen king, la lunga marcia; margaret altwood, l’altra grace).

so we went out.  another warm and sunny day in paradise, and this time i remembered to bring my sunglasses.

we’re not wearing our winter clothes anymore.  we’ve abandoned the icelandic sweaters, are wearing the thin leggings, and wear our jackets unbuttoned except for while we’re on the vaporetto.  the violets are out, the trees are greening, the pigeons are having sex everywhere.

we got off at san zaccaria, heading for acqua alta, teh bookstore at teh back of campo santa maria formosa, which is off to the back of san marco.

SONY DSC after getting this shot, he asked to make sure i got the well head instead of just him

this time i took the right hole in the wall calle and immediately came across the campo where we’d bought connor’s mask, which kay and i just barely missed on her search for masks.  of course.

speaking of masks, i got called back from photographing buildings by connor and jim, who really liked these masks.  as for me, the hell with masks, i want that hat.


however, i took a different turning than my map app suggested,


and wound up in this way cool little campo


where we ran across a gaggle of american tourist, kids in their 20s, and i unleashed connor on them.


he had them spellbound, talking about the bad captain america that nana is going to buy him when he gets home (we long ago said no more dolls).  they figured out he was saying ‘shield’ long before we had.

SONY DSC even the gondoliers love connor, this one’s smile was just for him

we took bunches of pictures of the campo and then had to urge him to say ciao and come along.


we were right around the corner from s. maria formosa at that point – who knew –


and found the bookstore with no effort.

the owner wasn’t there, but some other guy was, who reminded jim strongly of casanova (to which he protested, ‘but not so much with the ladies,’).


connor was very happy to dig thru the barrel of comic books for kids (there was a section of comic books for adults, pulp romances and soft porn), and came up with several topolino (mickey mouse, which he pronounces ‘mickamouse’) cartoon books that cost a euro each.  i had been looking for a sticker for my computer (i have one of fjallabygd in iceland), and finally found one there (any place i’d asked, they said ‘no the tourists all want stickers but we don’t have any’), and jim got a newly published book by elizabeth george that turns out to be young adult (and that’s okay because we’ve gone thru all of jasper fforde’s young adult books and they’re great).

then we wandered home.


another three hour tour.

SONY DSC right before being told ‘no pictures’ inside the grounds of the icon museum

wending our way generally east, i took jim around san zaccaria, where i had seen those costumes and the great blue wristband i photographed a few posts back.


we found a notice in a wonderful tibet/indian store


for a sitar concert we intend to go to (with renee),


and we found the campo where vivaldi had his gig teaching orphans to sing,

SONY DSC imaginative ‘shoes’ of melted coke bottles

and where jim had found an art supply store that sold hardware too (or vice versa).

SONY DSC in the middle, an artist varnishing a mask

connor got an apple, and found an old lady leaning out of her window that he could wave and say ciao to,


and i found another indian store with wonderful cloth and a coat i would get if it weren’t 150 euro, and – because we kept turning away to avoid the riva and all those tourists – this wonderful campo where one of the houses had a wind chime that made the whole place sound magical.


i would live there.

SONY DSC campiello full of restaurants, before dinner hour

and then we went to the grocery store on via garibaldi and came home.

SONY DSC there was a one-day garbage strike, and everybody’s trash was left for the birds to get

unfortunately we missed an appointment to see a possible apartment for next time because we had called the guy instead of conducting negotiations by email, and misunderstood when he said he’d meet us at the greenhouse in viale garibaldi, and he was there for 15 minutes today waiting for us to show up.  oops, perhaps he’ll let us reschedule.  we’re looking at something suitable for much less than what we’re paying here, and this kind of deal is only possible because we met someone who wasn’t putting up with vacation prices and got herself a nice place for a reasonable rent (thanks, emily).


after a good rest, but not a nap, jim took connor out to the playground for the sunset confabulation of children, and i cut up a bunch of vegetables and made pork fried rice with the remains of kay’s pork roast (thanks, kay).  connor didn’t get a bath tonight, but had a bedtime story instead, about how micky mouse picks up goofy (indiana goofy) at the airport and it turns out he’s frightened of everything, so they take him to the doctor who says he needs a regimin of courage building things, and the chapter ends with mickey mouse taking him home and putting him to bed, promising to start on the courage thing tomorrow.  it’s all in italian, of course, but what i couldn’t actually read i was able to figure out by looking at the pictures.


and of course he was back out of bed in a moment, but we gave him his electronic game, and within ten minutes he was calling us to come turn out his light because he was going to sleep now.  yay.


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