Posted by: jeanne | March 19, 2015

we find a handbag for shirley

so my daughter in law asked me to get her a leather bag from italy, because they’re cheap and have nice designs.  and i agree that this is the case.  when kay was here from dublin, we ducked in to quite a few leather handbag shops, and she finally got the carryall she wanted at a good price.  so i was totally willing to go shopping for shirley.  but being me, i have no judgment in leather handbags, so i’ve taken a bunch of pictures from three different shops, and shirley will be giving me feedback on them.

first off, there are a thousand handbag shops here in venice, and they all look the same.  they’re staffed by oriental people, and that’s probably who owns teh store as well, but this doesn’t mean the bags are all chinese knockoffs, because the financial police make sure the goods are genuine.  supposedly.  the point being that there’s not much variation from shop to shop.

shirley is looking for a shoulder bag measuring about 12″x6″, with silver hardware, and preferably with rhinestones.  she would prefer a black or red, and i think she mentioned she wants soft leather.  so with that in mind, i went into three different shops and took photos, sometimes stealth photos, of what they have on offer.  in several cases, teh photos aren’t of the specific size of bag, but just to show what they have on offer, to give an idea of what there is to choose from.


this first one has a stiff handle, but is the right size.  i’m not sure of the prices on most of these, but the most expensive one i saw was about $50.


these are smaller than 12″, but you can see that some of them are quilted, and some have butterfly-looking clasps.  they seem to have chain handles, too.


there are a variety of bags in this shot, taken from just outside the door of this one shop.  fold over closures, various sizes, lots of colors.


these had a bit more design elements to them, with patterns stamped into the leather.  they’re probably a bit bigger than 12″, too.


and these are definitely not 6″ high, but they were interestingly assymetrical.


these are also quite different, and also about the right size.  i held it up in the shot below to show more detail.


these are quilted, and a bit shorter than 12″, with chains.  i think some of them are silver, tho these seem to be gold.


and these also have some design features that make them different.  i’m pretty sure the ones on the bottom shelf are large, tho.


from a different shop that i saw today, these are probably a bit larger than 12″, but they had different colored trim that were pretty interesting.


and these were also pretty cool, but they’re larger.  they were on way sale, however, i think they were going for $17 on sale.


so there you have a quick selection of handbags.  and now i will wait until i get more feedback before maybe doing another round of shopping and picture taking, until we have the desired bag in hand.

but unless you’re related to me, don’t ask me to bring you anything from venice.  unless you love silk scarves designed in italy and made in india.  i’ve found the perfect shop for silk scarves.  this means you, marie.


round two.

today we went thru san polo and saw bunches more bags, so i thought i’d post a few more for feedback.  the ones below are notable for the tassels and the double slanted openings.  there are also some fold over bags to their right, if you can see it clearly enough.


there are some bags at the top left of this picture below that are the right size and have leather handles.  otherwise, the bags on the lower right and left seem to be the right size, but the other bags are a bit too large.


here’s a closeup of the same bags in the upper left.  the ones to their right are also the right size, with different details, not rhinestones but grommets, i think.


these are a bit different, the foldover ones are a bit large, but the shiny ones with the stitching are pretty much exactly the size you specified.


here are some fold over bags with different details.  i’m not sure if they come in silver, however.  please note the ones on the bottom right, which have zebra print-like details on their surfaces.  also, the one on the lower right has pimply things; some of the bags have that kind of detail as well.


here are more bags; you’ll notice the tassle thing on the first of today’s photos also.


here are some bags with the embossing you were interested in.  they’re not the size you were looking for, however.


more quilted bags, with gold trim, not silver.  i might can find silver, tho.


and some black and red bags with silver.  these might be a little large, tho.


finally, several different types in this shot.  the ones on teh left are quilted in various patterns, but they seem to be more like doctor bags than soft handbags.  the ones in the middle have interesting details in teh leather, and there’s a briefcase type of bag on the right.


so these are most of the different kinds of bags available.  it would be a good thing to go thru all the choices and select first the type of bag you’re interested in, and then suggest the color you want.

if the size you specified – 12″x6″ isn’t as much of an issue, then you might want to give me a range, and review what kind of hardware, and what kind of strap.  when you are finished narrowing it down in that way, maybe you could discuss what you want the inside to look like – pockets, zippers or snaps, that kind of thing.

and then we’ll be ready to go shopping for real.


round three.

so now it’s shopping time.  i made the rounds armed with preferences, examined bags closely, made photos of the insides and the way the bags looked on me, got prices.  and here we are – drum roll, please.


this first one is in a grayish white, with shiny leather and brass studs and fittings.  it’s got a central zip pocket inside, as well as a pocket on the back inside, also zippered.  there may be another pocket, but i don’t know.  it’s got those two central fasteners that i’m not sure actually fasten, and two buckled straps on either side that do fasten.  i believe i’m holding it up by the shoulder strap, and i see a thinner strap that might be a smaller one for carrying the bag in your hand, but i’m not sure.  it all happened so fast…

and here it is, slung over my shoulder.  it’s quite capacious, as you can see.

and the price is $70.  all the bags of this size are around this price.


i found this next bag – the guy showed it to me – that has silver hardware, including a shoulder strap that is linked chain and leather intertwined.  it’s of woven leather, which is why the texture.  i don’t believe i examined it enough to know how many pockets it has, but these things seem to be standard, like the prices.


that’s what it looks like on.  you’ll notice it has handles as well as a shoulder strap.


here is your choice of colors, you can also see a central zip to the bag.


and this is the same bag in black so you can see the strap details better.


it’s $60, in case the label is fuzzy.


i also found this one, of a matte leather, with shoulder strap and silver details.  i believe it closes with snaps in the front, one to each side of the silver strip.


the side of the bag shows the grommets.


and this is the inside.  they all seem to look like this, with a central zippered pouch and at least one side zippered pocket.


and the usual price tag.

if these will suit you, let me know which one, and if they won’t, please expand on what else i can find for you.  we’re near the end of the process at this point, and i can make adjustments in size and color and price, but i won’t have much more time, and i might not be able to go around with photos again, so try to be as specific as you can.


now, for someone else, i’m looking at these nicely tooled bags.  this one is two shades of brown, rather than the reddish color that it appears in the photo.


in the middle of the photo are all of that type of bag stacked up, to show the colors.  everything from black to white, and they’re all two toned.


and this is the size, just larger than my hand.  there are much larger bags of this type if you prefer.  again, please let me know and i’ll pick one up the next time i’m out, since this kind of bag is quite common in these shops.

so that’s it for now.  i’m waiting on input and i’ll go around later in the week to purchase the bags.


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