Posted by: jeanne | March 14, 2016

taking the grandboys to iceland

omg the travel bug has bitten me but good.  iceland, the insert hyperbole!!!  i have to go back; i’ve watched every movie shot there, read every book – my facebook newsfeed is 50% icelandic.  i spent just over a month there two summers ago, and it draws like a blister.  and i’m happy to take grandpa and the grandboys with me in order to do it.  oh hell yes.

i may have mentioned this huge three month public art project i get to organize and serve – next summer.  it takes a crazy amount of planning and organizing-by-proxy, but i’m up to it, and way enthusiastic.  even so, i need to go back at least once before that.  but enough about me.

see, i’ve been trying to get jim to come see iceland since i first glimpsed the lava fields off keflavik airport.  so i’m dragging him in for ten days during my residency period (all summer, isn’t it wonderful?).  and while i’m doing that, i’m going to plan to cut ten days off the end of our upcoming winter in venice and do a stopover in iceland with the youngest grandkid – the snaefellsness peninsula by car and b&b, perhaps.  and sure, i was just looking at the prices on wow airlines (omg), and they had a flash sale before i had all my ducks in a row (will we / won’t we bring the 8 year old), and i missed $99 one way baltimore to keflavik seats.  waaaaaaah.

but nevertheless.  even never minding whining about sale prices, their regular prices are a quarter what it costs to go by that triangular airline, or the official airline of the land of slush.  which means the four of us can go to iceland for what a single ticket on a full fare airline costs.

do they sell stock in this company?  no they don’t.  (wow stands for woolworths on the stock exchange, it’s a wonder they’re still trading.)

any old day now, after i’ve found out when avery’s last day of school is, and we see if we can get his passport renewed in less than two months, i’ll make a big deal about it.  ta dah!

and a few short weeks of gnawing anxiety about passports in the mail, watching it grow hot and summer-in-the-southlike.  gryla willing, nothing will go wrong, and i can stop chewing my nails, and we can all change into winter clothes and be off.

the lowest price i can find at the beginning of the summer is the very end of may ($149 from bwi!!!) and back at the beginning of june, which is chancy because of the time to renew a passport.  i would have bought tickets for the 1-2nd week of june, but they are now too much for my budget.

did i say we’re renting a camper?  these guys are a riot, so we’re going to get a painted buggy and tour south iceland.  with boys.  vikings with blasters (and a captain america suit unless i can conveniently lose it before we leave…).


more soon.


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