Posted by: jeanne | March 15, 2016

okay, it’s on

like i said, soon i will buy tickets, so i did that this morning before getting out of bed.  prices had risen so rapidly on the wow site that i didn’t feel i could afford to wait, so i took the cheapest flights possible, a tiny little window of availability just for us – thanks bunches.

we’ll be going from baltimore airport to keflavik, four of us, for $450 apiece.


that means we have to get to washington dc from here.  luckily, we have a place to stay there, and people to see.  so we’ll rent a car, and i’ve got okay prices on that.  we’re doing a one-way rental, and i’ve got 8 tabs open to various car sites and coupon pages, trying to find a decent deal.  one way drop off fees are a bitch.  there must be a better deal there…

but there’s not really.  the best i’m finding is $350 for a rental car.  the train is $280 but it’s at night, and only seats, because staterooms would run us over $700.  the megabus (at $80 for all of us) is still 13 hours on a bus.


the flight leaves at 7 in the evening, meaning 5, with 2 hours to get there so 3.  if we drop the car off at dulles, we can take the silver line express bus to the metro trains, and take them to union station, and take a train to bwi, amtrak $33 total.

we’ve already rented the camper from kuku campers, a nice ford transit van with manual transmission.  sleeps 5, with a compartment upstairs for the boys to hideaway in.


the camper wasn’t available for our last night, so rather than getting the automatic version, which cost more, i decided we should spend a night in reykjavik in actual beds, so i booked us into the lava hostel for cheap.

then, when we come back, we’ll be staying with the same people, and we should be able to fit in a trip to the zoo, or the natural history museum, else the aerospace museum.

those are the details at the moment.  except for the issue of the passport, what could go wrong with a 6 week turnaround for an 8 week departure and the fate of it in the hands of a third party?  oh yeah, we need trip insurance too.  who did i use last time… oh yeah. this one cost $175.

okay, to recap.  rental car reserved, tickets bought, camper reserved, hostel booked, insurance bought, i need to rent a car on the way back, but i’m negotiating when with my hosts in dc.

so yeah, the passport.

anyway, stay tuned for more.







  1. That sounds really exciting. I had never heard of Wow Airlines. You sure got a good deal. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have passports in hand by the time you leave. In May?


    • our passports are in the safe deposit box with the credit card we use for travelling. wow airlines is new, and they cover europe and north america with a transfer in iceland. cheapest i’ve seen, and beats delta by almost half.


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