Posted by: jeanne | March 16, 2016

an itinerary

it sends chills down my spine.  something to plan.

sat 28 arrive 5, pick up camper 9 am…sleep where?
sun 29, … sleep where?
mon 30, … sleep where?
tue 31, … sleep where?
wed 1 return camper 9 am, check in hostel 3 pm,
thurs 2 plane leaves 3 pm

first off, we land at 5 in the morning, and probably only will spend half an hour getting out to the flybus, and then 45 minutes later we’re in reykjavik.  that’s 6ish.  i don’t know when things open, but we get the camper at 9 in hafnarfjordur.  the bus will drop us in hafnarfjordur, so fine, and the kids can hang out in the elf park and we can get hot chocolate somewhere close by.

so by 10 we will be pulling in to the supermarketin hafnarfjordur.  and by 11 we’ll be driving east.  what time is it back home?  oh yeah, it’s the middle of the night.  but hey, it doesn’t matter what time it is, because in iceland it never gets dark when we’re going to be there.  the boys will be bouncing off the wall, anyway.

i wonder whether i should try to drive all the way to jokusarlon in one stab, or just try to make it to vik, and piddle around there, then to skaftafell and piddle around there, and then to hveragerdi or such and piddle around there.

here’s a thought – why don’t i just go until the boys fall asleep, and then pull over?  because i don’t think we can just pull over anywhere with a camper, and not at all in national parks.

vik doesn’t seem to have a campground (well, yes it does.  every little hamlet has a campground and a pool ).  but kirkjubaerarklaustur has a campground.  skaftafell does.

so again, either make it to skaftafell the first night – to see both jokusarlon and skaftafell in one overnight stop, or go to vik first, then go to klaustur the next night, then to skaftafell.  hmm.  or ooh, maybe go to klaustur the first night, skaftafell the second, vik the third.  feh.  i forgot the golden circle.  well, what if…

after much cutting and pasting, and deleting rambling ruminations, let’s try this.

28-29, saturday and sunday, start out of reykjavik by noon, go all the way to skaftafell and stay there for two nights. that’s  334 km, driving time 4:12 but travel time more like 10 hours.  we will all be tired.

DCIM100SPORTskaftafell glacier

but when we get up, we can go off to jokulsarlon, and when we’re done with that we can come back and explore skaftafell’s glacier and svartifoss waterfall, and spend another night there.  the only problem with this is that there are no hot springs or geothermal pools in the national park, so we have to wait until klaustur or vik to take the boys swimming.


30 monday, we’ll sleep in vik.  we’ll probably stop in kirkjubaerklaustur for a hike, but we’ll spend time in vik – they’ve got a supermarket, a pool, a great beach, and some cool lava.

vik i myrdal

31, tuesday, there’s reynisfjara beach on the way to the golden circle, but we’ll spend much of the day getting to it – Reynisfjara – Dyrhólaey – Seljavallalaug – Skógafoss – Seljalandsfoss – 203 km, 2:40, and seeing gullfoss and geysir,

strokkur, actually, but geysir went off last year for the first time in ages

and can rest and go swimming in laugarvatn  pool, and spend the night in the campground there.  the problem with that is that we have to take in thingvellir on the way to drop the camper off at 9 am (90 km, 1:30 driving time via three different routes, should one be closed because of snow).  which means starting at 5 in order not to rush things.  but who cares, it’ll be light no matter when i drag them out of bed.

and the last night in iceland we’re spending in hafnarfjordur, in real beds.  i wanted to put them into the hostel, because it’s smack dab in the middle of the lava field, but it’s going to cost $120+, and i can get an airbnb for $108, so i’m thinking about booking that.

and for my next task, to find all the natural hot springs we can go visit on the way.

Hveragerði and from there you can hike up to the warm river that flows down Reykjadalur. you reach the warm river after about 45-90 minutes

past Selfoss and Hvolsvöllur. Slow down just before you reach Skógafoss and turn left to go towards ‘Seljavellir’ on a dirt road.  When you are driving in the direction from Reykjavík you turn of the ring road (No.1) into road 242 marked Raufarfell. You drive until you see a sign that says: Seljavellir but if you follow that road you get to a new pool where you can park. From the car park you walk for 15-20 minutes towards the bottom of the valley and in the end you will see the pool peaking behind a corner. You can’t see it until you get to it so if you think you’re going the wrong way you probably aren’t.

Hrunalaug is a hot spring in south Iceland, near Fludir on the south-west corner of Iceland. In Hrunalaug there are two pools, one made of concrete and the other one is a rock wall. Both of them are warm and clean. The concrete one is a small one and only fits about 3 people but the other one is a bit bigger. There are ruins of an old locker-room witch can be used to change.  Unfortunately the pool is closed for now.

Take Route 1 South and turn left on route 30 until you get to the village of Flúðir. From there it should be simple enough to find Hvammsvegur and the Lagoon.

Laugarvatn Fontana is the most luxurious hot springs in south Iceland. It’s the perfect place where you come to relax and experience authentic Icelandic nature while relaxing in the warm geothermal pools and natural steam rooms. The baths vary in depth, size and temperature and the steam rooms that have been built over natural hot springs that have been used in this purpose since 1929. Fontana is located by a beautiful lake Laugarvatn and you can enjoy the spectacular views from the sauna or the pools.

except that we’re not exactly going by any of these places, except on the way out…hmmm.  well, anyway, not if i’m going to be driving for up to 10 hours after flying all night, and driving all day the day before.  maybe we should reverse this……

i’ll think about it.  i have a little over two months to ruminate.

but even on the face of it, it’s not going to work.  i can’t possibly drive all day from home to the plane, and not sleep on the plane, and then drive all day again.

what if we do it the other way?

hafnarfjordur thru the golden circle, and stay the night where?  brautarholt campground, where there’s a pool.  that’s better already.  it takes in thingvellir, goes sunwise, and is 164 km, 2:23 driving time.  okay, let’s keep going with this.

to vik, then, it’s 126 km, 1:34.  and there’s not that much to stop for, so we’d be in vik quickly.  there are, of course, plenty of waterfalls to slow down our progress, but so it goes in iceland.  to skaftafell from brautarholt it’s 265 km, 3:13.  and we will retrace every bit of it on the way back.

saturday, night one, golden circle, sunday, night two skaftafell, monday tuesday wednesday stay in hafnarfjordur.  we still need to be able to get from wherever we wake up to hafnarfjordur by 9.  but if we wake up in vik, and haul ass thru southeast iceland, then we can do that – 194 km, 2:30.  hmmm. vik would be tuesday. where do we stay on monday?  skaftafell, of course.

we can do this.

a week later – uh oh.  i just realized that the flight to iceland is a +1 day thing, meaning we leave on saturday evening and get there on sunday morning.  but i rented the camper for the saturday.  so i’ve got a message in to them to change the dates on that, and i’m going to have to cut a whole day out of this itinerary.  i’ll get to that soon.




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