Posted by: jeanne | March 19, 2016

a packing list

preliminary and subject to change, of course.

4 5-kg (11 lb) backpacks on board, 1 22-kg (44 lb) suitcase in the hold.

4 down jackets, squishable

4 down sleeping bags

4 down pillows.

i know, exravagant, right? but we have to bring winter clothes.


4 bathing suits

4 towels

i know, but iceland is the land of geothermal heated outdoor pools. nobody’s missing that.

4 sets of waterproof boots.  only avery needs those

we’ve got winter clothes for us all; we’ve just taken them off here in the sunny springy south.  we just have to pack them

2 jeans each, 2 sweaters, 2 tshirts, a dozen socks

4 pairs of winter gloves – the boys don’t have any

a zoom lens for the camera!

we have walking sticks, woollen hats and scarves, long underwear.

we’ll have a cellphone, a little digital camera, the big sony a3, and connor’s toddler-tablet camera with the crappy lens.  i’ll have to take all those in my carry-on

spare shoes in case the boots get soaked?  oh the weight, oh the space!  maybe not.

we’re gone for 5 days, i believe.  we’ll need to leave room in our bags for a wool blanket, which i intend to buy at the duty free first thing, in case the heater in the van isn’t comfortable.  we’ll at least need that much room.  what other goodies might we want to bring back with us?  hahaahha.  no trolls made in china, tho.  and i’ll have to ask my icelandic friends about the idea of rocks as souvenirs (will the elves object?)

i guess that’ll all fit into one checked bag, right?

the boys’ backpacks will be chock full of toys and travel activities, and my bag will have all the camera equipment, so i guess jim’s bag will have the food.

wow airlines doesn’t offer inflight entertainment.  that’s going to be interesting.  good thing the flight is short.  except i can’t tell how long the flight is, so never mind.

the thing i’ve just discovered that’s much more important is that i’ve got my dates wrong.  we don’t get in on the saturday, we get in on the sunday.  so i have to change the dates on the camper rental, and have to drastically shorten our itinerary.  ak.  it’s already short enough.  oh well, good thing i figured it out now.



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