Posted by: jeanne | April 2, 2016

outfitting for iceland

my family is just now coming to grips with the climate we’re going to be tripping in.  while it was winter in atlanta, it seemed natural that everybody would always be wearing all those clothes. but now that it’s spring, the idea never occurs to them.  and by the end of may, it’ll be summer, and we will be wearing as little as possible.

imagine their consternation when we change into travel clothes at the airport.  partly to keep the weight down (because severe luggage restrictions).  partly to start getting acclimatized, such as it will be.

long pants.  wool socks.  water boots.  long-sleeved t-shirts.  sweaters.  down jackets stuffed into the backpacks, next to gloves and scarves.

only when we walk out of the terminal at keflavik will their complaints about being hot cease.  of course, they’ll start right up again once we get into the flybus.  but they’ll stop when the bus drops us off at hafnarfjordur and we have a couple of hours to hang out before kuku campers opens their doors.  they’ll love their down jackets and gloves when they’re scrambling up the paths in hellisgerdi.

i’m at the very end of buying stuff to take with us.  we needed sleeping bags.  i’ve got everything i need, of course, but i ordered a down bag for jim, and two packable kid bags for the boys (they zip up for small and zip out for big kids).  we tried them out and i had to badger the boys out of them so i could wrap them back up.

i had to get avery water boots, and they’ve come.  now i have to send 2 of 3 back because i got a range of sizes.  i’ve ordered 2 pairs of hiking socks for the boys, 2 pairs of thermal underwear, their gloves (omg getting winter gloves to actually fit a 4 year old – 6 pairs returned).  and emergency ponchos for when it rains too hard for the down jackets (and plastic garbage bags for when those rip).

i’ve ordered that zoom lens for our sony a33 dslr that we take on all our important trips.  i’m getting a monopod as well.  and a car charger for my laptop.  i’ve received my icelandic sim card, i’ve got to get one here as well, because of the driving back and forth to people who are expecting us. i’ve got to find my 2-prong electrical plugs, and figure out how many things i’m going to have to charge from the camper battery (and how i’m going to do that – can i plug a power strip into the cigarette lighter?)  i’ve figured out how to play music off my laptop while we’re driving (i’ll probably put the laptop under my seat to keep from stepping on it; i don’t know.  or maybe i’ll just get an ipod…)

i’ve got to figure out how to take pillows for all of us (where did i put those 2 travel pillows?), i’ve got to figure out towels, and decide on swimsuits.  we’ll need to take a spare pair of shoes each (and wear the big heavy boots on the plane) so i need to sort that out with all the boys.

and travel toys.  i’ve got some card games, and magnetic snakes and ladders, and coloring books with pencils and crayons, and a mess of small avengers, and a pair of one-step transformers.  i’ll be looking for other things to occupy them.  as long as they’re not electronic.  i’m not having them staring at screens while we drive past volcanos.

i get a rather small checked bag and we each get smallish backpacks.  so i’m already looking at bulk and weight limits.  and i’ve got 7 weeks to get everything that’s still on order, and to pack it all up.

oh yeah, and our house is going to be on the local spring tour of homes, so i’ve got major organization to do on our main level.  hahahaha i said i was going to take it easy.  but it has to be done anyway.  yeah but not before next year.  but but it’ll be fun.  yeah. sure.





  1. What a great adventure. Enjoy it so much. It seems that I came to your husband blog for the clayboard interest and ended enjoying your adventures Jeanne. So great to found so interesting people on Earth that is artist as well. Blessings and will read you more often. 🙂


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