Posted by: jeanne | April 30, 2016

in just one month…

for the last three or four days i’ve been in two places at once.  dealing with the daily stuff that happens, and fast-forwarding a calendar month.

three days ago i was picking up a rental car and swooping in to rescue our graduating second grader from his last few hours of school, coming home and packing the car, sleeping while jim fed the kids and put them to bed.

then two days ago, i set my alarm to midnight, packed up the husband and the kids and put them back to sleep in the car, all nicely belted in and so cute as they fought sleep for twenty minutes.  six hours later the sun was coming up and i needed to sleep, but i’ve planned it well, so when the sun came up i was within shouting distance of that great diner halfway there, and the rest stop just past that where the kids can play and i can take a nap.  two hours later we’d be stopping to visit my old friend jimmy the painter, from back in the day.  haven’t seen him for years, and too many people have died since then to put it off any longer.  two hours later, we’d be at my brother’s house, and the kids would have the triplets and the toddler to mess with.  and i would sleep.

yesterday, we would have traipsed thru washington dc, showing the kids the white house, congress, the dinosaur on the mall, the pencil.  we would have met mom for lunch at our favorite pseudo irish pub (where the pint of guinness is only 16 ounces – that’s why the ding), and then hop an amtrak train to the airport, and board our six hour flight, where perhaps i could sleep.

and this morning at 5, we would have landed in iceland, hit the duty free for a favor i owe someone (not contraband – i need a blanket for the trip, and won’t have the chance to stop at any kind of store before we’re way out in the country), taken the bus to hafnarfjordur, spent as much time as the cold would allow playing around hellisgerdi park, looking for elves and saying hello to the few i’ve been introduced to already.  then to the grocery store for whatever i can think we’ll need to eat and drink on our trip, and then down the street to the camper rental place for a tour of our hitop transit van.

our mail lady has a new mail truck.  i think it’s the same thing, tho it’s made by dodge and the one we’re getting is a ford.  she let me take a tour of it the other day (while wiping dog poop off her shoe in our front yard, a fair trade i think), and it’s cavernous.

once we get the tour of how to turn on the gas and what to do if the battery dies, we’ll be on our own, navigating icelandic traffic for only as long as it takes to get us out of town.  and then the whole question is how long will we last with jetlag and long stretches of sitting interspersed with frantic strenuous hiking in colder weather than we’re used to.

at the moment we’re kind of under the weather, a month out.  we’ve been to the doctor with jim, and we’re both kind of lethargic.  i have more energy, and i’m working to get our house more than clean because i’ve decided to put our house on a local tour of homes, as incentive to superclean.  it’s a great excuse, and i feel like showing off the unique museum we live in.  we’re doing an art change, and inviting local potters to place some too-large-to-steal pieces in key places.

maybe it’s delirium that allows me to be in two places at once.  how nice to be hanging out on our miraculously bug-free (touch wood) front porch in the warm evening.  but i’m also dressed in winter clothes trying to keep the boys from straying off the path and falling into the waterfall…

but we’ve got absolutely everything we need, now that we’ve gone to the thrift store for winter pants for the eight year old.  all the travel toys have come in the mail and been secreted into a surprise bag for the trip.  the passport has arrived, the boots and long underwear fit.  all i have to do is make sure everyone is healthy.

and get a housesitter for the dogs.  that part is always daunting.  but i’m expecting a miracle.



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