Posted by: jeanne | August 14, 2016

laying a bunch of money down

there comes a time in every woman’s life when it’s necessary to plunk down a chunk o’cash months in advance of any actual action, just so you can say you have things arranged.

we’re staying here, on the middle floor – the one with the balconies, on a quiet campiello (except for trash pickup 6 days a week), around the corner from campo san polo, on a canal (reputed to be lively at 3 am, full of water taxis gearing up for work.)

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of course, it’s not really arranged; anything could go wrong at this point and the money would all be gone.  not only the $1800 for airline tickets, but also the $1000 deposit i just put down with paypal.  lots could happen.  accidents, illness, cancellations and delays.


but on the other hand, we have first dibs on a magnificent apartment in the middle of venice.  it’s as big as our own house.  we have the whole first floor (i believe), and as many rooms as we have here – hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  but where we have a front porch, they have balconies.  and where we have lovely old grant park, they have the ecstatically imposing grand canal to gaze out upon.


after accepting the agent’s just barely affordable offer (affordable is the important word here), there was some long wait, at the rate of one message exchanged per day, where we said we’d take it, and she said good and here’s how to proceed – wire me money on paypal, and we said where’s our invoice, and she said your receipt is your invoice, which would normally sound horribly suspicious, but there are no black marks on this agent that i can find.  plus if there’s a problem paypal will stand in the way.  i hope.  hahaha how insecure is that.  i do this kind of second guessing all the damned time.  the little voice says we’re already home and everything will be okay.


there are still lots of things that have to be done, but the major expenses are mostly finished.  there’s trip insurance, which is mainly health insurance, and will run $700 or more.  i have to source that, still.

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one of my favorite things.  in the process of picking a place to live, i tend to be very thorough, and find all the ways it’s possible to figure out the layout, short of asking for a floorplan (which i haven’t gotten around to yet).  by looking at all the pictures of the place, seeing where they windows meet the walls, what’s reflected in mirrors, what you can see out the window, i’ve been able to figure out the layout pretty well.  my only questions are where the second bathroom is (off the entrance or off the main bedroom?), and where the laundry room is, because one review mentioned it; also, where is storage in the rooms because we don’t see any dressers or closets.  we take up the whole floor.  and now with street view and 3d, i can turn the whole thing every which way and see it from four different shadow angles, and with a great deal of patience i can see almost all the windows.  i’ve been doing this for days now.

i’ve begun my duolingo italian lessons.  i never minded them once we got to italy the last time, so it’s been about 2 years since i touched it.  but i have retained a fabulous amount of vocabulary, which is great.  i’ll get much farther this time (because i’ve turned off the sound and now can study in the middle of the night), and perhaps i’ll not embarrass my hosts when i stay in their country for two months.

the first thing we need to do when we land at venice airport is to contact the agent’s agent.  we’ll need to do this as a skype call from the airport wifi, because i need to visit the vodafone store to see if i can top up my old sim card or will i have to buy another one.  evidently i can’t just use my cellphone to make a local call, and i don’t want to deal with why.  i can’t check out my sim card until the next morning.  likewise the venezia unica office won’t be open, so we won’t be able to renew our vaporetto pass until the next day either, when we will most likely journey to the mainland to goto the panorama megastore and get stuff we need.  also, we need to buy a chorus pass so we can get into all the churches to see the art (and the architecture), as well as a museum pass, so we can get into all the museums to see the art (and the buildings).  this means i’ll have to buy single tickets to go from the airport to san toma’.  but that’s okay.  it’ll be a wednesday night, and we’ll arrive there some time around 7 (the plane lands at 5ish), so we’ll just go find someplace to have dinner, and probably let our hosts direct us to some place they might eat themselves, (meaning not too expensive).

we’ve got most everything we need already.  i have to make sure we’ve got the proper size luggage – i seem to remember only having one bag that fit when i packed for iceland.  i want to check out all my winter clothes, but we always wear the same things, so basically when it comes time, we’ll dump a couple of pairs of jeans and t-shirts each, a sweater, and our down jackets and scarves.  the rest can be art supplies.  we’ll have buttloads of art supplies, even tho our focus isn’t going to be the same as last time – we won’t be looking to make a bunch of finished paintings, but can be dilatory and experimental about it all.  so i’m going to want to take my silk, the watercolors, maybe even some encaustic.  i’ll be bringing my pigments.  and jim will bring his pastels and a bunch of media so we can mix up any kind of paint we decide we need.  mwaaaaaahh




  1. Great choice, looks lovely. Enjoy!


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