Posted by: jeanne | November 20, 2016

six or seven weeks to go – venice

i’m not bothering to count how long it is until we leave.

i have a full-page double entry list of things to accomplish, some as vague as ‘organize attic’.  i’ll count those.

the suitcases are in the back room, slowly filling up with odds and ends.  we will be wearing our full normal winter clothes when we leave, so i’ll just wash and pack whatever’s in the drawers (i’m organizing all the off-season clothes into bins).

i don’t need to buy anything because we’ve been there before and still have the stuff.  my main work is to ready the house for our housesitters, and that’s another thorough clean.  i did a thorough clean 2 years ago, and again this spring, so now i get to clear out a bunch more stuff from every room, and toss things from the attic too (that collection of avon bottles from two generations ago – thanks angela).

things i’m doing include making sure i can connect to all the bills’ my account pages – gas, electric, water – so that i can go thru my bank to pay them – without getting rid of the paper bills, because i’d far rather have a paper bill than to deal with everything online.  but partially opting in that takes research, and it’s disheartening to contemplate doing it with nearly a dozen bills, so that’ll be one thing that takes forever.

in the main, tho, i’m keeping up with the tasks.  nothing i can scratch off the list (the vagueness hurts when i’m looking for incremental morale building), but a constant flurry of work.  yesterday it was organizing the sheet cabinet.  the day before it was organizing my fabric stash drawers.

i still have way too many things smack in the way of doing a whole lot of other things, and it’s starting to back up.  my worktable, for instance.  half of it has accumulated papers, computer parts and art supplies, and the other half is a working oil painting pallet and a portable light box.  and i can’t put that part away until i’ve finished painting.


i have an oil painting on the easel, and an encaustic painting waiting to be finished, and a watercolor painting that needs framing.  but to frame the watercolor i have to cut a mat and assemble the frame.  and to do that i have to have a clean table.  and i can’t have that until i finish the oil painting.  and i can’t put all the stuff on the other half of the table away because of other reasons.  and so i’m stuck not doing anything but finishing an oil painting.  which takes time.  weeks.  and i only have 6 or 7 weeks.  so i’m itchy.

but it is proceeding, and i’m working on stuff every day.  i’ve even picked back up on my italian language course, partially because it penalizes you for not working on it every day, and partly because i’ve hit a hard part and a certain percentage of what constitutes me wants to quit.  but this is a recurring pattern, so i’m proceeding, if not doggedly then at least in fits and starts.  if i can teach doing it whether you want to or not to connor, then i can damn well practice it.  yeah.

we’re not asking friends to visit this year because it took a lot out of me especially last time, and because nobody’s available.  jim and i won’t be doing the same things there this time, and we’re not bringing the same kinds and amounts of art supplies.  jim has a project in mind involving a bunch of models at the ship museum, and i’m not sure what i want to do artistically except that i’m tired of persnicketty overdrawn watercolors and am testing several alternative media.  we won’t be in child heaven this time, but right off the main drag, so connor won’t be bringing a scooter and he won’t be running ahead of us, but will learn to dodge traffic like a grownup.  good thing he likes to hold hands.

and after that, i’m not even thinking about our week in iceland, tho it’s right up there in my heart.  it will be blissful and fantastic, not ordinary life at all.

and then we’ll come back home.  and it will be as if it never happened.


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