Posted by: jeanne | January 25, 2017

connor and i go shopping

because we can’t seem to find coffee filters anywhere, neither in the coop store nor the conad, we decided we were going to have to make a trip to the mainland again.  it’s been two weeks, and we needed a few things, so after making the bread dough and setting it to rise, we left grandpa at home, and connor and i walked up to piazzale roma.  it only took about 20 minutes, and he recognized where we were as we approached popadopouli park, where the kid’s playground is.


so after duly playing on the jungle gym and twisting around the swings for a few minutes, we walked out to piazzale roma.  i knew i was going to need 2 euro coins, one to get our shopping cart, and one to store our rolly bag, so we stopped for coffee and hot chocolate at a kiosk on piazzale roma, and then got in the tram, which waited for us (and others).

we got to mestre centro and instead of changing trams, we went to the coin store, which was still having january sales.  jim had bemoaned the lack of a change of buttoned shirts, to we found him one in the h&m.  the coin had all sorts of shirts, but they were reduced to 50 euro, and i wasn’t having any of it.  in the h&m, on the other hand, things were much more reasonable.  we got grandpa a nice heavy button shirt for 20 euro, and a captain america jacket that almost fit connor for 13 euro.  i can manage that.

then on to the panorama store, where we really didn’t need much.  more cheese.  some lamb (looked like a cut up half baby lamb; everything from tiny little t-bone steaks to shanks and bone-in breast).  capers.  tomato sauce.  another triad of pseudo-kinder eggs.  chocolate filled cornettes.  and coffee filters.  i had to search the shelves three times before i spotted them.


so back we came on the tram.  and home we went.


we had lunch at 3 – leftover mashed potatos with ham.  and i took a nap waiting for the bread to finish rising.  when i woke, i cut all the lamb from the bones and set the shanks and breast into water to make stock, and  then it was grandpa’s turn to nap, and connor’s time with his electronic games, so i dashed out to the shops to get beans and more wine.

the guy at the coop store spotted me in line and greeted me as ‘americana,’ and when i got to the register, he wanted to make sure i said we were here for two months.  i said si, and he made a freezing gesture.  i wasn’t sure if he meant it was freezing here, or back home, so i responded by saying ‘trump’ and holding my nose.  he shook my hand, and then told everybody else in line what i’d just said.

dinner was an approximation of cassoulet, using the wrong ingredients and all sorts of other shortcuts, but including lamb and beans.  and fresh bread.  and the zucchine we got at rialto several days ago.  connor objected to the mushrooms in the stew, and also to the vegetables, but i bribed him with a kinder egg…

after dinner we took a walk, just a short ramble.  and  now jim is in with connor reading him a bedtime story – billy goats gruff.  last night it was the goose girl, and connor was asleep before he’d finished.

tomorrow we are not going to choggia, but are staying home and getting some work done instead.


hah.  i lied.  this morning i got up to see delivery men at the palazzo across the canal.  to my knowledge there’s no restaurant there, so this must be someone buying in bulk.  why not.

after working much of the morning, and starting a new painting of the view i get while i’m hanging laundry on the line, jim decided he needed to go out for awhile, so i suggested going for that gum arabic in castello, and bringing the zoom lens to get the pictures of the san michele cemetery that he wanted.  so we walked to piazzale roma and got on the 4.2 that goes to fondamente nova on the way to murano.  the boys went inside the rather small vaporetto (which connor insisted was only a boat), and i stood outside in the very cold wind rolling off the alps at us.  there was too much gunge in the atmosphere to actually see the alps, but that’s okay.

we got to go down the canareggio canal

during low tide the north shore sometimes is uncovered, and boy does the trash wash up

they were dredging the channel.  that’s a really long boom sticking all the way into the water

san michele under the zoom lens.  it’s too strong for close work, tho, so we had to switch it out

for connor, venice is one big jungle gym

he loves slipping around in this declivity

connor, king of the pozzi

the last time he did this, the guard came out and chased us away…

the next couple of days are forecast to have really low tides.  this is the same spot i shot yesterday, and it’s noticeably lower; we’ll see what tomorrow brings



  1. For getting to Panorama, have you tried the free Panorama bus from Piazzale Roma? It’s easier (and probably faster) than taking the tram. See:


    • while i’ve not seen the shuttle bus, and the article you site is old, i believe it still runs from piazzale roma. the only trouble with taking the bus is that then we wouldn’t be able to visit the coin department store in mestre, and its wonderful bookstore.


      • Yes, you’re right, stopping at Coin is a plus. But, if you need to make a quick trip to Panorama, the shuttle is great. When we were in Venice last spring we found the newer bus location in Piazzale Roma and did an update of our article. I’m loving following your stay in Venice! Your canal views sound amazing. Several years ago we stayed for several months in Campiello Albrizzi, right near Campo San Polo and had our 3.5 y.o. grandson for 3 weeks. Great fun! He loved Michela at the tiny bakery in San Toma. Doesn’t the time fly by?!


      • we’re very grateful to michela for all the attention she pays to connor. it’s good to know she’s not singling him out, tho, but just loves children.


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