Posted by: jeanne | February 2, 2017

frittelle al crema

it was rainy, cold and damp today, so mainly we worked inside.  i’m doing another tiny watercolor on clayboard, jim is doing another silverpoint drawing on paper.  connor watched 2 movies (one in the dark, before i got up), and did a page of sight words (i, the, like, to, here).and in the middle of the afternoon connor got a little too rambunctious, so we went to the bakery to get our fritelle and to give micaela (that’s her name) the picture connor drew of her and him, me and jim, everybody kissing, with a fritelle in each hand.  she loved it, and gave him extra hugs and kisses.  he was very happy.


we stopped at the conad and got some antipasto, also some ingredients to make tiramisu (invented in venice) – this recipe calls for amaretto cookies and marscapone.  and then we went out for a walk in the drizzle.  we didn’t want to go far, but it seems such a shame to go to the store and then right back home, so we took a slight detour and got ourselves down several dead end alleys.  but that’s just fine in venice.





here’s a recipe for fritelle al crema.  if you’re handy in the kitchen, you should try it.



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