Posted by: jeanne | March 10, 2017


our last day.  up unreasonably early, considering how much time i spent getting up and going back down last night, remembering this and that.  but oh well, no time to waste today.  so we went to the market for fish.


this is the sotoportego that leads to our house, in this case leading out of our campiello toward campo san polo.  it’s the last time we’ll see it.  i could say this about everything, so i’m just going to quit now.


and on the way to the market i managed to find quite a few things to photograph that i had somehow missed before.


and connor was his usual self.  we stopped into the coop store to say goodbye to the clerk that connor particularly likes, the one whose mom is from america.  he told us to come back and live here.


i’ve wanted to get this doorway since i stumbled upon it.  it leans way out of true, like much of venice.


connor stopped to play ball with a friendly dog.  this blog, in fact, is going to be mostly about connor, because i cleaned and packed most of the day.


this is the stall where we mostly shopped for fish.  there are four or five others here, but this is the one i like.  it seems more accessible, even tho they’re no friendlier at the other ones.


even tho we didn’t get any vegetables or fruit, i figured i might want to paint it one day, so i went around being a tourist and taking pictures of everything.


and connor demanded that i take his photo more than once.


on the way back we found this lovely window with plants.  it’s now spring here, and everybody’s buying plants for their windows.


on the way back, we ran into the boss of the frittelle place (now the ice cream and pizza place).  he gave us big hugs, and threw connor into the air, and shook jim’s hand.  we told him we had a gift for him, and that we would be by his shop later.  i’m not sure how much he understood.  i really like him; and he loves connor.  boss said we should be there in october or november, because from now until then there were way too many tourists, altho he makes money hand over fist (he’s got the cheapest ice cream and frittelle and pizza in town).

then i got to work, cleaning the house.  i washed down the kitchen, cleaned the refrigerator and behind the stove, washed all the shelves and put everything back the way it was when we first arrived (i took extensive photos of everything first thing, so i would know.  i would never have remembered, and both jim and i think the rearranging i did in the beginning was better than the way they had it.  but so what.)

the boys went to sant’elena to play.  i’m going to have to consult jim on exactly which sequence to put the photos and what to say about it.  he’s having a nap right now, and we’ll be eating dinner as soon as i’ve filled in what i know.  and then we’ll tidy up the blog and publish it before going to bed.


on the pontoon, waiting for the vaporetto down to sant’elena, connor just sat there waiting, being quiet.  this in itself is notable.


this grandma was watching a 2 year old, and connor played with the girl, being very solicitous of her, helping her up and down, and to cross the dangerous web walkway.


at the old playground we used to go to when we stayed on sant’elena, he met this older kid, who was kind of sullen at first, but warmed up to connor, and ended up helping him get up on the zip line.


jim helped too, getting up onto the thing (because you have to be able to get up on the platform yourself before you can use the zipline, making it harder for little kids to hurt themselves).  it wore jim out lifting connor as many times as he wanted to ride it (he’s only just begun to be able to hold on long enough), so it was good that the older kid could help too.


he wouldn’t ride the line all the way to the platform, he would turn loose and fall down.  but he didn’t hurt himself; he actually thought it was all part of the game.


usually the big disk is occupied by older kids, and if you get close enough you’ll get wacked in the head by the thing, so he’s never been on it.  but today there was nobody, so he had a ball.


and here he is on the climbing wall.  last time we were here, he went up there all the time, but this time he was leery of it until just last time we were there.  this time he climbed right up the vertical wall, which he’s never done before, and right after this photo was taken, he slid down and hurt his leg on the shallow side.  they had to take a break at this point.


this playground is in giardini, and usually has much smaller kids at it.  this girl was a bit older than connor, and they interacted a little before connor got bored and went to the playground just opposite.


across the way, there was a guy and his girlfriend clowning around, and he slipped and got all entangled in the thing.  jim and connor and the girlfriend rushed to help him, and it took him a few minutes to get himself out, while both the girl and jim took photos.  how embarrassing.  connor then showed him how to do it right.


the guy on the left helped connor up onto the top of the luggage railing at some point.  jim was standing on the other side of the boat, and it was too crowded to get a decent picture.  but here he is, perched in the middle, where i won’t let him go when it’s up to me.  grandpa has different rules.

in the meantime, i finished cleaning so the cleaning lady wouldn’t have too much to do (but i didn’t wash the floors or clean the bathrooms).  then i finished packing, involving some creative shifting of contents in the small checked bag.  and managed to get all the things we’re taking into the bags, including the jars of honey and peanut butter we decided we needed to have in iceland.  everything was in, the bags were just shy of their weights.  and then i noticed all the clean clothes i just washed, still sitting on the couch waiting to be packed.  but there was no room at all.  but i checked, and i can take a personal item – a bag stuffed full of clothes…


the boys got back way late – 2:30.  i’d told jim to listen for the slamming of shutters as the shops closed for lunch, and come home then, which would have been 1 or 1:30.  but he didn’t hear them, and came home when they were thru playing.  so i made them some lunch and got ready to take the bags to the airport.


we schlepped the two bags down to the closest vaporetto stop, and on the way passed a store that sells stuff for incredibly cheap – luggage for 24 euro, shoes for 10 euro, etc.  and i found the largest bag they had, for 10 euro, and bought it.  problem solved.


while i was in the store, jim stopped to make a photo of this mask because it’s one he might want to replicate at home.  he’s got a project in mind…

we got to the san silvestro vaporetto stop and waited for awhile.  a woman with a dog got on, and connor did the usual, even taking a picture of the dog.


on the vaporetto, connor found a six month old baby, and spent lots of time with her.


he brought his kindle so he would have something to do while we were on the bus to the airport, so he took this picture of her, and then colored it in; you can sort of see the colors.


then he struck up a conversation with this redhead, and took a picture of her, too.  he sure does work the crowd.


then he sat underneath the luggage rack, the way he likes to do, and briefly engaged this delightful couple, who spent some time picking lint of each other’s jackets – true love.


we got to piazzale roma and got on the number 5 bus to the airport.  it started out way crowded, but since it was close to 4, most of the people were going home to mestre, and by the time we got to the airport there were only half a dozen people on board.


it was a beautiful, crisply warm day, and we could see the mountains, with what looked like a fresh topping of snow.


by the time we had checked out luggage in the luggage storage house, showed a passport and got a ticket to retrieve it tomorrow morning at 5, our bus was pulling out, so we went into the airport to use the bathrooms and get a drink of water.  a bus was just pulling in when we came out, and soon we were off.

it was low tide, and the southern side of the bridge was showing lots of mud flats as we went back to venice.


we stopped at the playground close to piazzale roma, as usual, and connor had a blast with a german family; the mom spoke english, and he had her over by the flower phones, speaking to him thru the tube and neglecting her three kids.  dad took up the slack.


then it was off home, and a last ice cream.  we delivered connor’s drawing and jim’s business card to the boss, except he wasn’t there, so we delivered it to the boys.  connor spent some time behind the counters, charging at them with a wooden rolling pin that was the same size as he was.  i got a forgettable flavor of ice cream, connor got strawberry sherbert, and jim got cherry ice cream in a cup.  we’ll surely miss that place.  we must have spent (quick calculation) almost 200 euro at that shop.  and i think i miscalculated when i said i was 65 kilos when i first came here.  it must have been 56 kilos, and i must have gained 8 kilos, that’s 15 pounds.  that’s the only way to explain why i can’t button my top button.


we found another icon, one we’d never seen before.  i didn’t notice the coins until just this minute.  the thing is behind glass on a wall, so i’m not sure how that was accomplished.


and i wanted one good shot of this building, which is gorgeously decrepit.  it’s a barbershop on the left side, and a pharmacy on the right, with a news and trinket kiosk in front of it.  i love the building; maybe i’ll paint it.  loosely.

right now i’m waiting for jim to do the dishes; we ate shrimp, pasta with tortellini and cheese cream sauce, salad, and leftover potatos and rice.  we might have eaten most of it, but the rest goes in the garbage, and we’re disposing of that on the way out.  we’ll leave the paper and plastic trash in the front hall downstairs (after having conferred with our agent).

after i finish the blog post with jim’s help, i’ll let him read it while i do connor’s bedtime story, and then i’ll pack the toothbrushes and other sundries, stuff jim’s shoes in connor’s backpack (the one with room).  i’ve already put our clean clothes into the bag i bought.  i still have to back up the photos onto as many drives as i can.  we’ll probably have coffee at 3am, just so we can wake up and not just haul ass out of here.  we might even have the last piece of bread as we leave.  i’ll go around and close all the shutters in a moment, and now that the living room is cleared of packing stuff, i’ll sweep the floor.  when i get up, all the beds need to be stripped and the laundry put into the hamper.

maybe i can get some sleep hahahahaha.  it’s a full moon, why would i expect to get any sleep?

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